Environmental Policy

Greens is committed to continually improving the environmental performance of its activities and services through a process of self-regulation and compliance with environmental legislation.

We are continually raising awareness of the need for improving environmental responsibilities among all our staff, suppliers and customers where appropriate.

Strict procedures need to be designed, tested, documented and implemented with complete accountability and traceability throughout the process to guarantee accuracy. Each project will need to be consistently managed and reviewed.

Carbon Footprint

Greens is delighted to be working with The Carbon Managers, In collaboration we can guide you through carbon footprint calculations, emission reduction strategies, staff training, and client incentives like tree planting initiatives and carbon labeling. Just let us know, and we'll handle all the details to make a sustainable impact!

Find out more at: www.carbonmanagers.com

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Greens is committed to turning intentions into action!

We understand the challenge of balancing day-to-day operations with giving back to the community through a CSR policy. That's why we're proud to support The Heart of Bucks a dynamic community fund that bridges socially responsible businesses with local voluntary sector needs.

With Heart of Bucks, we aim to fulfill our CSR goals effectively. Heart of Bucks funds empowers, and collaborates with various local groups, enhancing community lives. Together, we're making a tangible difference and ensuring our good intentions translate into a positive impact.

Community Investor

As CSR moves up the business agenda, heart of Bucks give Greens staff opportunities to help on projects, offer support, time and expertise and develop their skills to the benefit of our community.

Find out more at: https://heartofbucks.org

Two Sides

Greens are 100% committed to sustainability and are proud to be part of Two Sides, a global not-for-profit initiative. Two Sides champions the eco-friendly and appealing qualities of print, paper, and paper packaging. Our collaboration unites diverse sectors - forestry, manufacturing, packaging, printing, and more.

Two Sides

Cantact Greens
Cantact Greens

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