The scanning service we provide is an integral part of the complete solution that our clients require. Digitising content, as well as archiving is essential to making data that's collected in the field accessible for the whole organisation. In addition to this we provide InMail mailroom solutions to enable hybrid workforces to modernise and reduce running costs.

Scanning & Archiving

Greens document scanning team will archive your documents in the most accessible digital format your organisation needs in all major formats including JPEG, PDF to the file sizes you required. Files sizes may include screen and fast retrieval sizes as well archived hi resolution versions.

The access and cataloguing of every document is based on the exact criteria required and number of title / index fields your organisation requires. We scan mass scan to file which is cheaper for older more dormant documents. If you need original documents securely shredded afterwards again that can be all part of the service or boxed up, labelled and returned to you or put into long term storage.

Depending of the size of the project you have we need to plan and agree time lines for the delivery or part or staged delivery of the work.

Scanning and Data Entry

This service is the scanning to archive and then 'extracting' hand complete forms, tick box fields or free text into pre-determined data fields. Mainly from survey style questionnaires, entry or feedback forms or formal application forms for various industries. Once the forms are returned to us we control the whole process for you on our GreensVista portal to show we have registered the return (so we can suppress any reminders immediately) and upload the data extracted. This is all done on line via our secure portal and usually in daily batches.

The data variations eg re-typing free text can have various levels of checking from us and the software. The software can have triggers eg if there is a certain trigger like a low score or no, meaning a complaint. Then a rule can be applied like fast track this response.

In-Mail Service

The In-mail mailroom solutions that Greens provides is scalable and built for a hybrid workforce. Our team can process all mail returned centrally to us, digitise and distribute via each person's inbox all correspondence, to enable the recipient's to access and action replies instantly where ever they are working.

Outsourcing mail processing will reduce the running costs of your business and transforming physical mail into a digital format which will future proof your organisation as the digital files can then be restored straight into your own systems.

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