Public Sector

Greens has won and serviced a number of large and complex public sector contracts and framework agreements where a detailed tender process needs to be followed with all aspects of professional management and work experience is necessary.

Once a contract has been won the transition and implementation process requires experience, skill and consideration of the changes about to be made.

We have and do run in-plants and dedicated services to councils, universities and other public bodies. We are experience in TUPING staff, taking on equipment and premises. We can invoice in the method required to cross bill and pass on costs. We also supply value added services like paper delivery to help run the complete range of work required within certain contracts.

Our service delivery team can do cost benefit analysis studies of outsourcing taking into consideration unknown future work patterns and requirements. We can recommend flexible solutions to give on site response that suits immediate need but backed up off site for surges in work either seasonally, weekly or annually.

Certifications: ISO 22301 - ISO 27001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 9001 - Living Wage Employer
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