Survey Printing, Mailing & Data Collection

From the print and distribution of a one-off survey to the management of ongoing international, multi-language research, we can assist.

We print and mail surveys, questionnaires and other market research items for a wide range of businesses. We can also handle inbound data through our survey response scanning and data collection services.

Key services:

- Patient Surveys (Clinical)
- Customer Satisfaction
- Automotive Surveys
- Market Research
- Questionnaires

GreensVista allows us to set up automatic online proofing for templates and data sets. It allows you to forward all proof records to an approver to control the sign off and final approval process. Our end system has been developed alongside the world's leading surveying business to their teams' control and information when delivering complex jobs to very stringent timetables. The processes we back also ensure the merging and production are done automatically with no human intervention making sure all record and template files cannot be mixed up. Our call to print function means the operators are calling from barcodes pre-set files prior to print, rather than merging themselves.

Certifications: ISO 22301 - ISO 27001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 9001 - Living Wage Employer
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