The GreensVista Smart Site Binder tool provides a completely streamlined process: request online proofs, access pre-filled site addresses on our portal, personalize each site, give the green light, and place orders all at your fingertips. No more binders in your office or manual packing.

Providing absolute clarity and version control over your ordered site documents with no more risky manual address entry. Your project team can stay in the loop with real-time stock updates and low-stock notifications via automated email while unburdening them with the reduced resources needed for the ordering process.

Site Binders

CRF Print

Greens has over 35 years' experience in the production and delivery of clinical trials documentation for all phases of a trial, having worked with all the leading pharmaceutical, CRO and Biotech companies throughout the world.
Although we have this wealth of experience, Greens continues to embrace and develop new technologies to the benefit of its clients. We are driven to give our clients a competitive edge by using new technology, new production methods and controlling costs at every stage of production.

CRF, QoL, Diaries, ID cards, AE and ConMed Forms Production

All aspects of the production are within Greens' controlled environment. Our large capacity enables us to respond quickly to both on demand and large studies and everything in between. Just in time production is possible saving on storage and production costs. Studies undertaken include 10 bed Phase 1 studies, large phase III trials with 10,000 patients and very large phase IV outcomes studies; our biggest with over 35,000 patients.

Bar coding, Numbering and Batch Control

Many studies require scanning so data can be verified and entered directly into your databases e.g. Oracle Clinical, SAS etc. Greens are experienced in the production of barcodes, alpha numeric coding and unique identifiers. We know scanners can be very sensitive so we ensure that barcodes produced are verified during production for checksum digits and to databases.

Randomised Envelopes

We can supply a purpose built high specification envelope that you can use yourself or ask us to run. They are printed, gummed and perforated so they are easy to use and simple to print.

Submissions via Secure SFTP, FTPS, PSURs (Periodic Safety Update Reports)

We have software to receive secure transmission of sensitive documents via FTP or encrypted email. Full receipts are generated on receipt of documents.

Training Documents and EDC Input Books

Simple books are produced and sent to sites for ease of data entry into EDC systems.

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