Investigator Meeting

The importance of investigator meetings cannot be overstated. The success or failure of these meetings directly affects the success of a trial, if you are a managing agency or potentially your next order.

Having a good balance between paper and online materials that are easy to use, engaging and informative is critical. This is true for the business and relaxation parts of the meeting from invitation through to the event itself.

Creating a fresh feel and expectation of an interesting and even exciting event is not easy. Information comes in late, designs need to be altered and proofed and materials shipped to site. The newer and more innovative they are, the trickier it is, but using the same old approach, whilst easy, can be "death by Powerpoint!"

Greens has a vast experience of keeping in touch with market trends for new materials, finishes, gifts and signage. Our team are constantly looking to bring innovation to you. Our data merge documents (not just badges) make every piece unique and personal.

Getting last minute items to site is critical. We are based within 20 minutes of Heathrow and have a great relationship with all the leading global shippers, taking all the strain out of the process whilst keeping you fully up to date about arrival times.

Using our unique GreensVista online Project Management tool it makes all aspects of the meeting management easier for you and the whole team.

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